Running from the Superstitions

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Do you wonder if the superstitions really help in increasing your gambling winnings? Some people believe in such things, take Chinese for example.

The Chinese have a long history to prove their belief in supernaturals and consequently in superstitions. They also use these superstitions in their gambling career.

Do you want to learn some of the Chinese superstitions used in the game? Here are some of them:

A very popular superstition is the use of red underwear in a game of play. A lot of Chinese even follow this gaming superstition today. Red underwear is believed to be a good charm of luck in the game.

It is also considered good luck in the game if you urinate before playing the game. Females are believed to be in a gambling advantage if they were playing while they are on their menstrual period.

Another unexplainable superstition is leaving the lights on in the country before you go to the gambling house. The reason behind this superstition is quite uncertain as the others.

The Chinese is very obsessed with lucky numbers and does not just apply it on betting alone. Normally, Chinese guests at a gambling hotel will take the room with an eight number in it. This is because of the symbolism of the number eight. If you write the number eight, your hand will end up in an upward move, which means progress, or in the increase. This would be good in the game.

They also believe in ghosts and gambling, they believe there is a ghost wandering around the gambling table, so you must be kind to that ghost. Some give him sugar. Why do you have to feed this gambling ghost? Well, they believe that this ghost helps them win in the game of play, or at least it will not make them lose if you feed it.

When playing Baccarat, the Chinese will advise them to shout “Deng!” Before the card is drawn, which will give him good luck.

Chinese are also popular for their reverence of the gods, which is why they pray a lot to them, offering things like fruits and incense. Do not forget to pray before the game play and even after the game play if they win.

Even if you are not Chinese, you can go ahead and follow these superstitions. However, they do not guarantee that you will win your next gambling game, but it would not hurt to try, right?

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